What do we do?
SkyRanger on skis in winter
Jazz 2000 "parrot" in a tight turn
Composite turbine wheel ordered by a power plant.
  • Kompol is engaged in almost everything that has anything to do with flexwing trikes, that is: designing, building, maintenance, especially Jazz trike with Stratus wing, and also full ground- and flighttraining, skytours, advertising flights and others.

  • Kompol is also engaged in manufacturing articles made of light composite materials: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP, GRP), Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and Aramid-fiber reinforced Plastic (AFRP). We'll take it from the very beginning: building the model, cast, till the final product.

  • We also retail SkyRanger ultralight aircraft; in kits as well as ready to fly planes.

We've got Certificate

 We are glad and proud to announce that on February 13th , 2013 Poland Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) issued the Airworhiness Type Certificate for our trike model JAZZ 2000 M79.

Certificate has number: PHG.007.001.

This means that sins this date we are officially authorized to manufacture and sell this trike model.

The registration process for this trike is now become very simple.

The officials within a short time are going to issued document on their web site, where all requirements, restriction, technical data and DDp will be shown.

Here is just a few technical characteristics of JAZZ 200 M79:

Wing - Stratus P-15 M7A;

Undercarriage (trike) - JAZZ 2000;

Engine - Rotax 912 UL 80 hp;

Propeller - AERO EL 1700, 3 blades;

Take Off Weight - 450 kg;

Vne - 155 km/h;

Cruise Speed - 100 km/h;

Dual Steering control available for training.


Overview of Jazz flexwing trike

Jazz trike flying highJazz flexwing trike with Stratus wing is a step forward from the previous models: Blues and Blues PLUS. Experience collected from the late '80s until now during training flights, competitions and flying in difficult weather and terrain conditions resulted in a model of very good aerodynamic and steering characteristics and at the same time durable, light and reliable. Results of international competitions are the best proof. Six out of eight titles won by Poles in Europe and World Championships were earned in Jazz trikes with Stratus wings. One more was won using Jazz undercarriage alone. Additionally, 14 Champion of Poland titles (in both single- and twin-seated trikes) went to owners of Jazz or one of the previous models. Jazz trikes easily endure all not_so_gentle landings performed by beginner pilots and have a good reputation among Polish and foreign pilots.


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